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Refereed Conferences

E. Grossmann, J. A. Gaspar and F. Orabona, "Calibration from statistical properties of the visual world," European Conf. on Computer Vision, 2008.
[ bib | Grossmannal08ECCV.pdf ]

E. Grossmann, F. Orabona and J. A. Gaspar, "Discrete camera calibration from the information distance between pixel streams," Proc. Workshop on Omnidirectional Vision, Camera Networks and Non-classical Cameras, OMNIVIS 2007
[ bib | Grossmannal07OmniVis.pdf ]

E. Grossmann, E-J. Lee, P. Hislop, D. Nistér and H. Stewénius, "Are two rotational flows sufficient to calibrate a smooth non-parametric sensor?" Proc. IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2006
[ bib | Grossmannal06CVPR.pdf ]

E. Auvinet, E. Grossmann, C. Rougier, M. Dahmane and J. Meunier. Left-luggage detection using homographies and simple heuristics, IEEE International Workshop on Performance Evaluation in Tracking and Surveillance (PETS), 2006.
[ bib | Auvinetal06PETS.pdf ]

E. Grossmann, A. Kale and C. Jaynes, Towards interactive generation of "ground-truth" in background subtraction from partially labeled examples. Proc. IEEE ICCV VS-PETS workshop 2005.
[ bib | Grossmannal05VSPETS.pdf | Poster (pdf) ]

C. Jaynes, A. Kale, N. Sanders and E. Grossmann, The Terrascope Dataset: A Scripted Multi-Camera Indoor Video Surveillance Dataset with Ground-truth. Proc. IEEE ICCV VS-PETS workshop 2005.
[ bib | jaynespets2005.pdf ]

D. Nistér, H. Stewénius, E. Grossmann, Non-parametric self-calibration, Proc. ICCV 2005.
[ bib ]

E. Grossmann, A. Kale, C. Jaynes and S-C. Cheung, Offline generation of high-quality background subtraction data, BMVC 2005.
[ bib | Grossmannal05BMVC.pdf | Award winning poster! ]

E. Grossmann. Automatic design of cascaded classifiers. Proc. intl. IAPR workshop on statistical pattern recognition, 2004. (Copyright held by Springer-Verlag).
[ bib | Grossmann04SPR.pdf | Poster ]

E. Grossmann. AdaTree : boosting a weak classifier into a decision tree. Proc. CVPR workshop on learning in computer vision and pattern recognition, 2004.
[ bib | Grossmann04LCVPR.pdf ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. Maximum likelihood 3D reconstruction from one or more images under geometric constraints. Proc. BMVC, pages 343-352, 2002.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor02BMVC.ps.gz | GrossmannSantosVictor02BMVC.pdf ]

E. Grossmann, D. Ortin and J. Santos-Victor. Single and multi-view reconstruction of structured scenes. Proc. ACCV, pages 228-234, 2002.
[ bib | Grossmannal02ACCV.ps.gz | Grossmannal02ACCV.pdf ]

E. Grossmann, D. Ortin and J. Santos-Victor. Algebraic aspects of reconstruction of structured scenes from one or more views. Proc. BMVC, volume 2, pages 633-642, 2001.
[ bib | Grossmannal01BMVC.ps.gz | Grossmannal01BMVC.pdf ]

J. Gaspar, E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. Interactive reconstruction from an omnidirectional image. Proc. SIRS, 2001.
[ bib | Gasparal01SIRS.pdf ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. dual representations for vision-based 3D reconstruction. Proc. British Machine Vision Conference, pages 516-526, Bristol, September 2000. British Machine Vision Association.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor00BMVC.ps.gz ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. A closed-form solution for paraperspective reconstruction. Proc. Intl. Conference on Pattern Recognition, volume 1, pages 864-867, Barcelona, September 2000.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor00ICPR.ps.gz ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. The precision of 3D reconstruction from uncalibrated views. Proc. BMVC, volume 1, pages 115-124, 1998.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor98BMVC.ps.gz ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos Victor. Robust affine flow estimation with controlled computation cost. Proc 4th International Symposium on Intelligent Robotic Systems-SIRS96, pages 285-292, Lisbon, July 1996.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor96SIRS.ps.gz | GrossmannSantosVictor96SIRS.pdf ]

P. Questa, E. Grossmann and G. Sandini. Camera self orientation and docking maneuver using normal flow. Spie AeroSense, 1995.
[ bib | Questaal95AS.ps.gz ]


E. Grossmann. Maximum Likelihood 3D Reconstruction From One or More Uncalibrated Views Under Geometric Constraints. PhD thesis, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa - Instituto Superior Técnico, 2002.
[ bib | Grossmann02PhD.pdf ]

Reports, datasets etc

E. Grossmann. A Theory of Probabilistic Boosting, Decision Trees and Matryoshki, submitted to European Conf. on Machine Learning, arXiv:cs.LG/0607110, 2006.
[ bib | Grossmann06ARXIV.pdf]

E. Grossmann. Octave in Computer Vision, augmented version of my presentation at the Octave Workshop, 2006.
[ Octave-Present.pdf ]

E. Grossmann. AdaTree 2 : Boosting to build decision trees or Improving Adatree with soft splitting rules. working document derived from my NIPS submission, 2004.
[ bib | Grossmann04Adatree2.pdf ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. A differentiable analogue of the null() function. Technical report, Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica, 2002.
Was: submitted to SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications. Rejected without being reviewed or read. Interestingly, the editor, Uwe Helmke, agreed with my claim that none of his arguments for rejecting it were valid.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor02TR.ps | GrossmannSantosVictor02TR.pdf (*) ] (* slightly updated)

E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. Using geometric cues for 3D reconstruction from a single view. CVOnline, 2002.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor02CVO.pdf | www.dai.ed.ac.uk/CVonline/LOCAL_COPIES/GROSSMAN1/cvo_5.pdf ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. Hand-tracked points for 3D reconstruction. Archived dataset, July 1999.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor99Dataset.light.tar.gz | GrossmannSantosVictor99Dataset.tar.gz ]

Journal Articles

E. Grossmann, J. A. Gaspar and F. Orabona, "Discrete camera calibration from pixel streams," Computer Vision and Image Understanding, V. 114, N. 2, pp. 198-209, 2010.
[ bib | Grossmannal10CVIU.pdf ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. Least-squares 3D reconstruction from one or more views and geometric clues. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 99:151-175, 2005.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor05CVIU.pdf ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. Uncertainty analysis of 3D reconstruction from uncalibrated views. Image and Vision Computing, 18:685-696, May 2000.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor00IVC.pdf ]

E. Grossmann and J. Santos Victor. Performance evaluation of optical flow estimators : Assessment of a new affine flow method. Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems, (21):69-82, 1997.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor97RAS.ps.gz | GrossmannSantosVictor97RAS.pdf ]

Book Chapters

J. Santos-Victor and E. Grossmann. Quality Evaluation for Optic Flow Estimators : A need for Vision-based Robotics, chapter VisLab-TR 08/96. World Scientific Publishing, 1996.
[ bib | GrossmannSantosVictor96ERNET.ps.gz ]

J. Gaspar, N. Winters, E. Grossmann and J. Santos-Victor. Towards robot perception through omnidirectional vision. in Innovations in Intelligent Machines - 1, Studies in Computational Intelligence, V. 70, Srikanta Patnaik eds, 2007
[ bib | Gasparal07SCI.pdf ]

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