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CS 275 - Helpers

Math as a foreign language

Very simple truth table calculator

ttable is a little program that prints truth tables. It runs from the command line under Unix and has not been tested elsewhere.

Code to count in a given base and to iterate through subsets

This code, written in Octave, can be used to count in a given base and iterate through the subsets of {1,...,n} that have p elements.



TKGate : a logical circuit simulator

You may want to get familiar with logical circuits with a simulation tool, such as TkGate. From the TkGate homepage:

TkGate is a event driven digital circuit simulator with a tcl/tk-based graphical editor. [snip] The distribution comes with a number of tutorial and example circuits which can be loaded through the "Help" menu. The example circuits include a simple CPU, programmed to run the Animals game. [snip] TkGate is free software provided with source code under the Gnu Public License.

There exists at least a Debian binary package for TkGate.

Online References

Do you have a question about a word, a definition or a name? Search on one of these online references.


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